We aren’t just talk at Zero Waste Trash Talk. We like to help our community organize for impactful engagement in our cities and neighborhoods. This Campaigns page is the central hub for community action. See our current campaigns below:

Rate Your Restaurant (Nashville only)

NASHVILLE: Use this form to let us know the level of sustainability being practiced at the eateries you frequent. After the recent Metro Nashville announcement that plastic clamshell and plastic to-go containers are now un-recyclable, we have started collecting information about the places we love and where they stand on environmental sustainability. Alternatively you can text RATE to 51555.

Social Media (Everyone)

Don’t forget to help by being a squeaky wheel on social media. Take a photo every time you are served food packaged in plastic or styrofoam and share it on your social accounts, making sure to tag the business as well as us @zerowastetrashtalk and use the hashtags #plasticfreenash. You can use the same hashtag to congratulate eateries for using sustainable materials and fighting the good fight.

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