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Sustainable Restaurant Action Campaign

After the recent Metro Nashville announcement that plastic clamshell to go containers are now added to the list of styrofoam to go containers as un-recyclable, we decided to start collecting information about the places we love and where they stand on environmental sustainability. Use this form to let us know the level of sustainability being practiced at the eateries you frequent. We will start a ratings system based on this information so that as a Nashvillian, you can use that list to find out what which businesses are in line with your environmental ethics.

Be a squeaky wheel on socials and have your voice heard. Every time you are served food packaged in plastic or styrofoam, take a photo and share it on your social accounts, making sure to tag the business as well as us @zerowastetrashtalk and use the hashtags #plasticfreenashville. Also use that tag to posts from places doing good when they use compostable materials tagging appropriately and congratulating them for fighting the good fight.

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