Is This Recyclable Plastic Bags

Is this recyclable? Plastic bags are accepted at grocery store bag recycling drop offs. For a list of drop off locations and what items are accepted go to: and enter your zip code.

One thing to take note of in the video, we cut off sticky paper labels from the bubble wrap mailers which is the proper procedure. You can also drop off the plastic air pouches used in shipping boxes if you deflate them first.


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  • I am wondering what Kroger actually does with the used plastic bags?? Also, I wish people wouldn’t throw drink containers and other trash in the plastic bag receptacles. Oh well.

  • Questions about bag recycling. Can the following be recycled with grocery bags?
    1. Plastic bags with sticker labels?
    2. Plastic bags used for frozen products? (I heard once that you couldn’t because something is added to them)
    3. clear plastic candy wrappers, or those small, clear plastic wraps around medicine bottles?
    4. Mesh orange bags?

    • Hey Danette sorry for the extremely late reply. I always remove the stickers and labels from plastic bags before recycling them. It would definitely be considered cross contamination. I’ve emailed frozen food companies to ask about recyclability and the answer is that they are not. I recommend we all ask about package recycling from every manufacturer we buy any product from to put them on notice that it’s important and affects our purchasing decisions. Nothing crunchy like candy wrappers or plastic wrap around medicine bottles can be recycled in city programs. Mesh orange bags are also not something that would make it through the materials recovery process and would gum up the systems like plastic bags.