Trash Talk Concentrated Laundry Powder

Let Jess tell you about a great zero waste idea to use in place of watered down laundry detergent in plastic containers. Even though plastic laundry detergent jugs are one of the few recyclable plastic items accepted in Metro Nashville’s Recycling program, it’s always better to reuse and reduce before falling back on recycling.

Did you know that most non-concentrated liquid laundry detergents contain 60 to 90 percent water, and a concentrated one could have 15 to 50 percent water? So when you buy these large plastic jugs full of heavy watered down liquid, they are not only wasting extra plastic for the containers but are also using more fuel and generating more CO2 when they are shipped to the stores and driven to your home. So you are paying for mostly water, wrapped in plastic that used a lot of resources to get in your home. It’s time to try something different by refilling at a store like The Good Fill here in Nashville, or at least by switching to a concentrate or powder.

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